What is it?

RecordsKeeper is a Blockchain-based Immutable Data Security Solution. It is powered by high-end Encryption & Blockchain which allows you create verifiable & immutable records of any types of data which are not possible in traditional technologies like MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL etc. This can also be seen as a tool to generate a Proof-of-Existence, Proof-of-Authenticity & Proof-of-Integrity of a file, record, document, certificate, degree on Blockchain.

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RecordsKeeper’s blockchain can be setup in your local infrastructure or cloud which will give you below security feature locally:

  1. Data Immutability
  2. Data Integrity
  3. Data Authenticity
  4. Data Verifiability

By submitting the records through your own web interface or APIs of RecordsKeeper you will be publishing the records with it’s associated information into the Decentralized Ledger aka Blockchain. Records stored on Blockchain can later be fetched to prove that this file’s integrity has been maintained & they existed on particular date & time with the associated information. Because computationally & Technologically it is impossible to fake the Document’s signature and/or modify the past records without someone noticing it. This is not true in traditional centralized technologies like MySQL, Oracle etc. Hence these records can be used to prove that the file’s integrity has been maintained, they are authentic & they indeed existed in any legal or non-legal matters.

How does it work?

  • Step 1: Launch multiple (minimum 3) RecordsKeeper’s blockchain nodes in your own infrastructure.
  • Step 2: Use the RESTful APIs of the RecordsKeeper’s blockchain to seamlessly integrate your existing applications (eg. Medicines’ Reading Management System of a Pharma Company) in a plug-n-play mode.
  • Step 3: Using any number of your internal/external applications, publish the records/data into your Blockchain and issue the transaction ID. Tag the transaction ID along with the data within or outside your organization.
  • Step 4: Through verify APIs, Let your other applications or clients or government verify the authenticity & integrity of the recorded data. For example, show a green tick next to it giving them more confidence in the fetched data that the data they are seeing or consuming has not been altered in any possible manner.
  • Step 5: Or just share a verification link with anyone globally to verify the authenticity, integrity & existence of the data you published without trusting you in-person.

If you have any query related to RecordsKeeper please reach out to us at [email protected].