RecordsKeeper Blockchain-centric solution is built to store, share and manage your information in the safest fashion. Once your data is over the RecordsKeeper Blockchain, it cannot be deleted, tampered or modified even by the data owner. The only difference between a traditional database storage platform and RecordsKeeper is that Recordskeeper stores docs in Blockchain immutably & securely in a distributed manner while other database storage platform store them in Traditional (MySQL/Oracle) DBs, which are mutable, has central storage as well as control hence making them less secure.

Documents stored in RecordsKeeper can be accessed back in the same formats they are stores. For eg. Documents stored as PDF will be accessed as PDF, JPEG will be accessed as JPEG etc. This makes us compliant with “ISO 15489 Information and documentation — Records management” which specifically deals with the Records Keeping & Management in Corporations.