RecordsKeeper Blockchain is built as Public Open Source Platform to share data globally but it still supports multiple features you can use to make the data private over the RecordsKeeper Blockchain.

  1. RecordsKeeper Private Chain: RecordsKeeper is provided as an open source platform, so you can use the RecordsKeeper codebase to create your own private chains. This provides the functionality for access rights to you and you can grant permissions accordingly so that the data is shared only between the authorized users.
  2. Encrypting Records before Publishing on the RecordsKeeper Blockchain: This method utilizes the RecordsKeeper public Blockchain but gives you a process so that only the authorized users have the access to the data shared over the Blockchain. Over the RecordsKeeper Blockchain, all the users have their own private and public keys. This step can be divided into the number of sub-steps:
  • The user who wants to share data privately with the other users receives the public addresses of the other users through a secure channel.
  • User encrypts the data using his/her private key.
  • The user again encrypts the data using the other authorized users public key thus creating a separate entity for each user who wants to access the data. This encryption makes sure that only the authorized users have the access to the data and no other user even if they have the publishers public key can access data.
  • The user publishes the data over the RecordsKeeper Blockchain, creating a separate transaction for each authorized user.
  • User shares the transaction id with the authorized users.
  • Now authorized users can read the data from the transaction but it is still encrypted.
  • Authorised users use their private keys to decrypt the data, which still has one more level of encryption.
  • Publisher shares his/her public key with authorized users through a secure channel.
  • Authorised users now can decrypt the data to get the original record using the publishers public key.

This makes sure that your data is secure and safely distributed among the interested parties. You can then use the key pairs from the RecordsKeeper for the whole process, or you can generate your own key pairs using any other 3rd party Cryptography libraries.

Please make sure that you do not share your private key in the complete process.