This blog will help you to get the required permissions to start mining the XRK tokens at your local node. The mining permissions for both RecordsKeeper Testnet and RecordsKeeper Mainnet is explained below:

RecordsKeeper Testnet

The mining for RecordsKeeper Testnet is open for everyone so when you connect to RecordsKeeper Testnet, you will receive all the permissions for your default address.

RecordsKeeper Mainnet

For Mainnet when your node gets connected, you will receive the permissions to connect, send and receive. To get the permissions to mine at you node follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Look for your default XRK address from the command given below, which will display your node’s wallet address. This address is your “default XRK address” or “public address” of the Recordskeeper Blockchain in which you will receive XRK coins. To check the address, run the following command:

rk-cli recordskeeper getaddresses
./rk-cli recordskeeper getaddresses                        #(for Mac Users)

Step 2: Copy this address and open up the following link in a new window to receive Mining Permissions for RecordsKeeper Mainnet.

You will see the following form:

Step 3: In the form provide us the details with following:

  • Email address
  • Name
  • Miner Code Name (This will be displayed on
  • XRK Address (The node address you copied in the last step)
  • Message (Additional comments for the RecordsKeeper Team)

Step 4: The RecordsKeeper team perform common due diligence before providing the permissions to you. It could take from 24-48 hours.

After RecordsKeeper team grant mining permissions to your node address, only after that you would be able to mine XRK coins into your default address.

Addition Steps and Information

You can retrieve your private key from the node. To retrieve private key for your node address run this command:

rk-cli recordskeeper dumpprivkey {default_XRK_address}        #(input node_address without braces)
./rk-cli recordskeeper dumpprivkey {default_XRK_address}        #(for Mac Users)


Please store this private key safely, losing this will result in loss of XRK coins.

After completing the above process, you can check for your node’s information (best block and synced block) by running following commands:

rk-cli recordskeeper getinfo                 #(for synced block)
rk-cli recordskeeper getblockchaininfo       #(for best block)

./rk-cli recordskeeper getinfo                 #(for Mac Users)
./rk-cli recordskeeper getblockchaininfo       #(for Mac Users)

Your node will sync up to the best block, and then only your node can start mining and your balance will get updated with the mined XRK coins.

If you have already created a wallet address and you want to add it as your miner address then run this command from the command line terminal:

rk-cli recordskeeper importaddress {address}      #(include address without braces)
./rk-cli recordskeeper importaddress {address}      #(for Mac Users)
rk-cli recordskeeper importprivkey {private_key}      #(include private key without braces)
./rk-cli recordskeeper importprivkey {private_key}      #(for Mac Users)

Then you can follow the above steps to get the mining permissions for the imported address.