Proof-of-existence is a demonstration of a working application based on RecordsKeeper Blockchain. This utility is used to publish and verify data on the RecordsKeeper Blockchain.

You can publish any data file and this application will convert that file into a hash value and then stores that hash on the RecordsKeeper Blockchain. You can also verify that file by uploading it on the verify page of the application, and if it exists on the RecordsKeeper Blockchain, then the application will check against the hash value of the file and return all the transactions related to that file. A toggle is given on the top right corner of the application through which you can switch to Testnet and Mainnet of RecordsKeeper Blockchain. This application supports both networks so you can publish and verify on any of these networks.

So, let’s see the complete working of Proof-of-existence application:

Step 1:  Click on this link to access the Proof-of-existence application. You will see a page like this:

Step 2: Now, if you have to publish a file over RecordsKeeper Blockchain then enter the Name, Email, and Message(optional) fields. Then select the file that you want to publish by using Choose file button or by dropping the file on the panel.

Step 3: As soon as the file is uploaded, document hash gets generated and you will see a page similar to this picture:

Step 4: Now after clicking on the “Generate Poe Now” button a success table gets generated with details like transaction id, signature, confirmations, blocktime and blockhash etc.

Step 5: This table also has an URL which contains the link to the page that will return the result of all the records of the RecordsKeeper Blockchain against its signature value.

Step 6: Next step is to verify the document that is uploaded on the RecordsKeeper Blockchain and for that you have to upload the document on the “Verify Poe” tab and then click on the “Verify Poe Now” button. It will show a page which have all the transactions arranged in a chronological order that are recorded against uploaded document signature.

Step 7: This application also shows the five recently generated poe in a table with Document digest and the recorded timestamp as the general information.

Anyone with the URL of the file can verify the existence of the file recorded on the RecordsKeeper Blockchain. The link embedded in the “Transaction Id” redirects to the Blockchain explorer which shows the information related to that transaction.

You can also check out other tools related to RecordsKeeper Blockchain from “Other Tools” tab.