Employee Credential Verification over RecordsKeeper Blockchain



Employers face a major hurdle in hiring employees when they require verifying candidates credentials. A survey made by one of the largest online job finder sites, CareerBuilder, states that a staggering 58 percent of employers have caught a lie on the resume of individuals. A separate report on the 2015 hiring outlook done by HireRight, a company majorly offering global background checks, employment verification services, and drug testing show that screening uncovered lies or misrepresentations on a resume is required for 86% of employers. There is no doubt that resume accuracy is a common problem in the current environment and the effort required to verify credentials, impacts on the hiring process and costs employers, time and money. This is where Recordskeeper will increase transparency and address frauds in employee credentials.

RecordsKeeper helps employers in identifying the employee, with details like the source of funds, business interests, and the employer history. They also monitor the progress along the way. Every employer has to perform the KYC process individually and upload the validated information and documents to the RecordsKeeper that stores digitized data tagged to a unique identification number for each customer. By using this reference number, the employer can access the stored data to perform due diligence whenever employee apply for a new job to verify the information of the employee is valid or invalid.