Health Record Manifest requirements for Judiciary over RecordsKeeper Blockchain


In today’s digital society, everyone is concerned about the privacy and security of personal data, especially in health care. So we need higher transparency in medical information, patients privacy and reducing possible security breaches. People nowadays are faking their health status and problems in claiming health insurance while some also fake medical cases to claim fraudulent money. These cases when taken to the court, turns into complications due to lack of judicial system assertions. Recordskeeper enables the sharing of information on a secure, tamper-proof and indelible platform. Nothing can be tempered or fraudulently conveyed over the Recordskeeper Ledger. Once the record is saved, it is easily verifiable, stays in the system and easily accessible.

By using RecordsKeeper blockchain Hospitals can store the patient’s data and it will remain immutable by this data Doctor’s can completely track the patient’s progress. Also, there is another significant advantage, if you go to the vacation in Switzerland then the Doctors of Switzerland can track your data from the New York’s hospital and can provide you better treatment because the data is immutable and present on the distributed public ledger. So, we can say that with the help of RecordsKeeper we can completely revolutionize the health industry.