Upload and Verify Academic Certifications over RecordsKeeper


Academic certificates can be easily issued and verified using Recordskeeper Ledger. The educational authorities issue a certificate and give the user a receipt which they can share with any third party to prove the authenticity of the certificate. When the third party receives this receipt, they can easily check it’s authenticity on the Recordskeeper ledger.

Additionally, RecordsKeeper adds following features in this medium in the following ways:

  • Transparency – Both the parties who are interested in viewing academic credentials can see it on the RecordsKeeper blockchain. This ensures that only people with ownership rights can make decisions about who has access this information.
  • Immutability – Blockchains are the most secure source for storing the information right now. They rely on the integrity of the network to ensure the authenticity of the stored information. So, the Academics certificates stored on the RecordsKeeper blockchain are immutable.
  • Disintermediation – Using Recordskeeper blockchain to store and share academic credentials helps us bypass the need for a central controlling authority that manages and keeps records. This makes the overall process of storing credentials more trustworthy as there are no middlemen involved.
  • Collaboration – Once the information becomes available on the RecordsKeeper blockchain, it is much easier to ascribe ownership and therefore, safer to share the information without the fear of this information getting compromised.