XRKs are the peer-2-peer-based tokens used in RecordsKeeper Blockchain as an incentive & payment model for uploading records and data over the RecordsKeeper Blockchain. XRK are provided to the miners as fees computed for uploading records over RecordsKeeper Blockchain. XRKs are based upon Bitcoin’s original protocol with changes to its underlying codes, therefore conceiving an entirely effective token with a different set of ‘out of the box’ features which makes it a perfect fit for data upload.

The user uploading the data over the RecordsKeeper Blockchain has to make sure to provide the XRK fees required to upload the data with the transaction. The fees are based on the size of data and are currently running at 0.1 XRK/Kbyte.

XRK’s current value is 1 BTC (Bitcoin) = 20,000 XRK and this value are subject to change as per the supply and demand. The total remained XRK coins are 50 Million in total, and this value keeps on increasing as more XRK coins are added through mining rewards which are 10 XRK per Block. The miner who confirms the transaction gets the XRK spent in transaction fees.

There are two types of RecordsKeeper Blockchain which are RecordsKeeper and RecordsKeeper-Test. Test RecordsKeeper Blockchain is available for testing purposes, which provides Testnet XRK for the community to build and deploy applications over the RecordsKeeper Testnet environment. One can get Testnet XRK through RecordsKeeper faucet and mining.