What is RecordsKeeper?

RecordsKeeper is an Open Public Mineable Blockchain for RecordKeeping & Data Security. It offers a full suite of structured and easily accessible record keeping for organizations and individuals. Record Keeper creates a platform for structured storage over the decentralized network for the ease of data access and security among peers. The Record Keeper capitalizes over the pros of the Blockchain network to create an ecosystem for secure transfer, authorization, integrity, and authenticity of data.

XRK - The Fuel For RecordsKeeper

XRK’s are the peer-2-peer-based tokens used in RecordsKeeper Blockchain as an incentive & payment model for uploading records and data over the RecordsKeeper Blockchain. XRK are provided to the miners as fees computed for uploading records over RecordsKeeper Blockchain. XRK’s are based upon Bitcoin’s original protocol with changes to its underlying codes, therefore conceiving an entirely effective token with a different set of ‘out of the box’ features which makes it a perfect fit for data upload.


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